Terms and Conditions

Cleaning Charge

Extra charges may be imposed for the excessive mess by passengers (this includes excessive trash, beer cans, bottles, food, animal fur, and vomit, etc.) at $250.00 to $650.00 Please help to avoid cleaning charges by removing your trash at the end of your event.


Smoking as not allowed ANY of our vehicles. Smoking in our vehicle(s) will result in a $250 fee.



Chauffeur’s Responsibility

The chauffeur’s primary responsibility (in addition to transporting you safely) is to safeguard the vehicle. The vehicle will never be left unattended during your time. Your chauffeur is not allowed to “party” with you. In the sole judgment of the chauffeur, if they determine that the behavior of you or your guests for any reason is out of control, obnoxious, disrespectful, unsafe, illegal or irresponsible, or places lives and property in jeopardy, they can and will terminate the run on the spot.


Lost Items

Make sure you have left nothing in the vehicle at the end of the run. This is your responsibility and we will accept absolutely no liability for anything left behind, lost, missing, or damaged. If you do leave something in the vehicle we will be glad to return it at our convenience for a travel fee.


Cancellation Policies

  • Los Angeles (Greater LA)
  • New York (local areas)
  • Other US cities
  • International (including Canada)

Mini/motor coaches=24 hours, all others 2 hours prior to pickup time


NY/NJ Cities Under 2 Hour Cancellation Policy

Manhattan, NY, Bronx, NY, Staten Island, NJ, Brooklyn, NY, Jersey City, NJ, Queens, NY, Newark, NJ


Out of Town Trips (LA)

  • If a pickup starts at the following cities and ends in greater Los Angeles:
  • Orange County – 4 hours prior to pickup time
  • Santa Barbara – 4 hours prior to pickup time
  • Palm Springs/Palm Desert – 4 hours prior to pickup time
  • San Diego – 5 hours prior to pickup time
  • Las Vegas – 24 hours prior to pickup time
  • San Francisco – 24 hours prior to pickup time

Pro-greeter/chauffeur Greeter Cancellations

Pro-greeter – within the US 24 hours prior or 72 hours international any changes within the time frame are considered late cancels and billable chauffeur greet – please refer to cancellation policies of the type of vehicle is being used to pick up the client


Affiliate Cancellations for Special Type Vehicles (Domestic or International)

Must comply with affiliate cancellation policies when handling with special or exotic vehicle cancellations such as sprinters/limousines/vans/coaches


Event/Award Dates

Cancellation policies are subject to change and may vary. Each event will be accompanied by an event date list provided by management


Cancellation Fees

To avoid a change fee, late cancellation fee, or no-show fee, the reservation(s) must be changed or canceled in accordance with the cancellation policy noted in your email confirmation. You may either call 310-247-0804 or email it@klsworldwide.com