VIP & Executive

VIPs and Executive – musicians, actors, pro athletes, and other celebrities – are no doubt accustomed to personalized and high-end service, especially when it comes to transportation. Others may not be as well known but there’s no reason hardworking artists should not be treated like VIP & Executives. KLS Worldwide Chauffeured Services provides luxury chauffeured ground travel for talent managers, coordinators, groups of performers, and VIP & Executive clients that are up to par with the exclusive service they all hope for.

Exceptional Service for VIP & Executives and Agents Alike

Whatever the destination, KLS is there to ensure our important clients arrive in superstar style. Our five-star service does not change regardless of the number of people we’re driving: from chauffeuring a single A-list celebrity to a fashion show to providing high-end transportation for an entire movie production team, KLS offers the same, top-tier service for all our clients across the board, all year round.

We also work together with talent coordinators to ensure that their VIP & Executive personnel are given complete star treatment when it comes to luxury transportation. Choose from a fleet of vehicles that not only exude extravagance but are also the safest on the road. At KLS, we ensure that all our vehicles are regularly inspected and maintained to the highest safety standards.

Total Discretion

We understand how important the privacy of our clients and passengers is. Our supremely professional chauffeurs understand the trust that is placed on them and are trained to safeguard every individual and organization’s privacy while also possessing the ability to get clients to their destination on time no matter the circumstances.

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With KLS, you can rest assured that your talent team or personnel will receive the poshest of transportation services available. Whether it’s a single VIP & Executive or large group, small business meeting & event, or national event, KLS is dedicated to providing the best and safest high-quality chauffeured services. To get started, visit our contact page or reach out by phone.