Meeting & Events

Special meetings & events software from KLS Worldwide Chauffeured Services grants us the ability to provide exceptional assistance for our passengers and clients. Working together with our partners, we can facilitate travel for VIP & Executives and other personnel, acting as an intermediary between various parties while simultaneously keeping everyone involved in the loop. No matter the type of meeting & event, our guests can rest easy knowing they will be arriving safely, on time, and in style.

Adaptability Derived from Top Tech and Exceptional Staff

At KLS we understand that sudden changes to meeting & event schedules are almost a certainty, especially for large scale endeavors with many moving parts. These eventualities are something we are always well prepared for, regardless of the size of an event. This is also represented in both the technology we utilize and the carefully selected staff that we have cultivated. We take pride in our chauffeurs and dispatch teams who are always ready to adapt to any itinerary changes or other contingencies as well as our fleet of luxury vehicles that are routinely inspected and maintained. These vehicles are equipped with only the best amenities luxury brands have to offer and allow our passengers to remain productive or take a few moments to relax and enjoy some luxury before their events proceed.


Adaptability is only part of the equation here at KLS though. We also strive to be as accommodating as possible. This is manifested in our belief that any request we can grant, we will do so to the best of our abilities. Meeting & event planning can be stressful for even large companies but our passengers’ trust in our assistance is a point of pride for us.

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