Travel to and from hotels is just one more aspect of our business at KLS Worldwide Chauffeured Services. For over 17 years, we have provided top tier luxury ground transportation for the best in the business. High profile individuals and busy executives are accustomed to an exclusive level of service in every aspect of their lives. KLS caters to their needs and ensures that their transit experience is nothing short of unmatched. We are dedicated to ensuring that every passenger’s experience to and from their hotel is as enjoyable as possible.


At KLS, we understand how important our work is to our clients and passengers. They are typically very busy people with demanding schedules that can change at any minute. As such, we anticipate and prepare for any last-minute accommodations or requests. Whether it’s a change in pickup time or an addition to the itinerary, we have it covered with style and professionalism.


Premier Coordination

We are all growing increasingly used to the convenience that technology provides in our journeys, from booking rides to receiving up to date information. At KLS, we make sure hotel transportation is just as effortless through our KLS App, where clients can see exactly when their chauffeur is arriving. This takes away any unnecessary wait time for our passengers, allowing them to relax with the assurance that their transportation will be waiting for them as soon as they walk out the door.


Among our top priorities are the safety and privacy of our clients and passengers. Every chauffeur with KLS undergoes a thorough background check before entering an intensive training program that highlights how to provide discreet, quality hospitality, and top-tier service for our clientele. Naturally, they are also drug-screened on a regular basis.

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KLS Worldwide Chauffeured Services is ready to provide the highest level of luxury and customer care at all times. For further information, reach out to us today by phone or through our contact page.