High Security

High security at KLS Worldwide Chauffeured Services is more than just an idea – it’s a commitment. Ensuring the safety of our passengers must be the highest priority of any provider of transportation but we make sure to always go to every additional length to ensure that all of our passengers – including Executive & VIPs – have both their wellbeing and their privacy protected. Our chauffeurs and dispatch team constantly monitor the roads and relevant locations for potential threats to ensure our passengers’ physical wellbeing while simultaneously safeguarding the privacy of all.

Exceptional Safety Standards

We take our passengers’ safety extremely seriously. Our chauffeurs are thoroughly vetted, regularly drug tested, and trained to be the most skilled, professional, and cautious drivers on the road. If a hazardous situation arises, our chauffeurs know how to respond appropriately to ensure a safe arrival. Additionally, our vehicle fleet is exclusively comprised of the most reliable and trusted names in luxury brands. Our vehicles are frequently inspected and maintained to the highest standard. Every time a passenger steps inside one of our vehicles, they can expect only the smoothest ride and a punctual arrival.


Discreet Services

Effective security starts with chauffeurs and staff who understand the role of discretion in the transportation field. When clients book with us, any information they provide is kept confidential and only released as allowed.

Vehicle and Digital Safeguards

On the vehicle side of security, our vehicles employ secure wi-fi for connectivity that can be trusted. Our seasoned, professional chauffeurs have been trained specifically on how to ensure the privacy of their passengers both during and after their trip. Our corporate offices also use advanced security software and additional protections to further ensure client and passenger information is always kept completely secure and far away from any prying eyes.

Get Started with KLS for Your Peace of Mind

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