Courier and Delivery

Courier and delivery services for high-priority documents with legally-sensitive information or high-value packages should only be trusted to professionals with unblemished records of discretion and efficiency. With a secured chauffeured service through KLS Worldwide Chauffeured Services, you can rest assured that your precious cargo will reach its destination quickly, safely, and only be seen by the right personnel.

Confirmed Discretion

Even though various mail services offer confirmed delivery and restricted delivery options, once a package or parcel is handed off, there is a lot of room for error or misadventure, from the mail getting lost to it being intercepted by unauthorized individuals. With a chauffeured courier and delivery service, the sensitive parcel will under no circumstances pass through the hands of multiple unknowns. Instead, the item travels exclusively under the watchful eye of our experienced and knowledgeable chauffeurs along with a specified executive or another employee, if preferred, in one of our luxury car service vehicles.

Enhanced Monitoring

The KLS App allows clients to watch in real-time when the chauffeur is approaching the pickup destination, so they can remain relaxed in their office, home, or hotel room instead of waiting outside guessing when their car will arrive.

Why Choose KLS

KLS is more than just your average limousine company. We pride ourselves in delivering five-star concierge chauffeured transportation for corporate executives, business travel coordinators, and high-priority talents and their agents. Whether you need a luxury car service to transport you or your clients to and from hotels, airports, or the next big entertainment meeting & event, KLS Worldwide Chauffeured Services is ready to provide top-tier chauffeur service securely and comfortably.

Schedule your next courier and delivery service and more today with KLS Worldwide Chauffeured Services, now with five booking options, via phone, online, app, email, or text. For further information contact us today by phone or through our contact page.