As Directed

As directed chauffeured services allow clients to reserve KLS Worldwide Chauffeured Services based on an hourly rate, versus linear travel between preset destinations. In other words, we are given a pickup location and from there we are at our passengers’ disposal. This gives our clients maximum flexibility which can be of enormous benefit if they anticipate a multitude of changes to their booking or are uncertain about their itinerary. Additionally, as directed services simplify billing in cases where there may be numerous stops for varying lengths of time.


As directed services at KLS exemplify our ability to remain adaptable across many situations. As a company committed to superb service, we understand that our clients often engage in high-stakes business that requires flexibility in both planning and execution.

Even when our clients initially only require straightforward travel from point A to point B, we still anticipate and prepare for sudden itinerary changes. Our chauffeurs possess a deep well of knowledge of the roads in the areas they frequent and are trained to be able to rapidly create contingency plans without notice, while also accounting for road conditions like traffic, weather, and events. Our mission is to always be as accommodating as possible, providing our guests the very same level of five-star service they’re used to in all their dealings.

As Directed

Luxury Amenities

In the spirit of a customizable experience, KLS makes every effort to accommodate specific requests regarding vehicle selection and amenities. All of our vehicles are equipped with connectivity suites, including high-quality wi-fi, with the possibility of additional amenities depending on vehicle selection and other factors.

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Clients choosing KLS Worldwide Chauffeured Services to provide as directed chauffeured services can expect nothing short of a completely satisfactory experience. For additional information on all our offerings, call or visit our contact page.