When high-powered executives and VIPs arrive in a new location, KLS Worldwide Chauffeured Services ensures that the luxury experience starts right away and that the time between the airport and the hotel is well spent. With us, you don't have to wait for the hotel to experience concierge-level customer care.


Whether it's a premier, a concert, a convention, or a major sporting event, entertainment is often a lot more than just a diversion to businesses and non-profits. KLS Worldwide Chauffeured Services ensures that VIPs, performers, executives, and others are well taken care of and provided with an experience that's enjoyable in its own right.


Top-tier transportation and logistical support for roadshows are a specialty of the team at KLS Worldwide Chauffeured Services. We understand the many complexities involved with these highly choreographed events and we are here to provide seamless service that fosters success. A lot is riding on your roadshow, why not work with the best?


World-famous or unknown, actors, musicians, athletes, and others need and deserve the VIP treatment when traveling to and from performances. KLS Worldwide Chauffeured Services knows that the show must go on – and it will go better if talent arrives relaxed, ready and, most important of all, on time.


KLS Worldwide Chauffeured Services aims to do the nearly impossible – our goal is to make traveling to and from even the busiest airports a pleasure. We give our VIP and executive passengers the first-class luxury experience they expect and deserve starting the moment they set foot in the vehicle.


Our special events software provides customers with a clear logistical edge when it comes to ensuring that major events come off without a hitch. The KLS Worldwide Chauffeured Services team can deal with just about any contingency imaginable and ensure that nothing gets in the way of an outstanding corporate, entertainment, or charitable, event.



KLS Worldwide Chauffeured Services provides major companies with supremely safe, reliable, and luxurious ground travel services. We understand the exceptional expectations of our corporate clients and we consistently meet and exceed those expectations while never stinting on punctuality and reliability. Five-star service and performance are second nature with the KLS team.


When important, valuable, and/or highly sensitive items or documents need to be delivered with both precision and discretion, the KLS Worldwide Chauffeured Services team gets the job done. Whatever we're delivering, it gets to the recipient – and only the recipient – on time and without issues.

city to city


Skip the airport hassles completely and let KLS Worldwide Chauffeured Services get you and your team where you need to go – by first-class limo all the way. Whether it's L.A. to Vegas, San Diego to Silicon Valley, or any other long trip, we are here to ensure our passengers arrive at their destinations ready to work or play.


Safety and security are by far our most important offerings at KLS Worldwide Chauffeured Services. Our expert team of exceptional chauffeurs and our crack dispatchers re here to protect the wellbeing and privacy of both passengers and clients while never compromising on reliability or luxury.

As Directed


When trips cannot be entirely planned in advance and where flexibility is a priority, KLS Worldwide Chauffeured Services is up to the challenge of dealing with last-minute instructions. When it comes to as-directed services, we are the leader in our field. When the unexpected is actually expected, we're at our very best.


KLS Worldwide Chauffeured Services is proud to offer the finest wheelchair-accessible ground transportation services available, providing the five-star VIP service we specialize in to our disabled passengers. With us, compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) is about a lot more than simply obeying the law; it's a key element of our commitment to truly superb service.