Cutting Edge Technology

Cutting edge technology is integral to our work at KLS Worldwide Chauffeured Services. We have embraced state of the art communications and security equipment across all aspects of our business, both inside and outside our vehicles. Observers and clients agree that we are much the better for it.

Simply put, staying connected in the modern world is critical for any business to thrive. Seamlessly integrating all relevant information with our operations is essential. Our dispatch teams are consistently able to deliver important data to our chauffeurs, from changes in traffic patterns, flight times, weather patterns, and itinerary updates, to any unexpected events that may occur in the wider world. This also means supplying high-quality wi-fi to our passengers so they may continue to work or relax while they are en route to their destination.


Secure Updates in Real-Time

We know the importance of being able to coordinate with outside entities, which might include sharing location data securely with duly authorized parties in real-time. For example, our passengers’ business partners will know exactly when to expect on arrival, maximizing the time and effort of everyone involved. Of course, security and threat management is just as important and as such, we always take the appropriate precautions.

Superb Integration

At KLS, we make use of both automated systems and the intelligent decision making of our team members people to produce a cohesive solution for our passengers’ transportation needs. While relying too heavily on one or the other may sometimes be problematic, a balanced approach can make for an exceptionally smooth ride that is grounded by computerized precision, yet driven by human ingenuity.

Enjoy Technological Excellence With KLS

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